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Come see Fuzzicle on August 13th @ Doug's Rockhouse
Doug's American Grille and Bar
333 E Indian Trl
Aurora, IL 60505

WED, 8/13 @ Dougs Rockhouse
ALL AGES - Indie/Pop/Rock

Only $7


More info coming soon, see you there!
Posted on 15 Jul 2008
Fuzzicle Welcomes New Drummer -- Alex Kim
Say hello to Fuzzicle's newest addition on the drums. Check out his profile in the bio section and keep an eye out for the newest Fuzzicle member at upcoming shows.

Remember kids, Popsicles are just frozen suckers.
Posted on 15 Jul 2008
Hullo everyone... heres the latest, greatest, and holy happenings of the musical/political/animatronic group: Fuzzicle
-The newest and first incredibly credible album is in recording production. All your favorite sing-a-longs from our Padded Garage Demo are completely re-recorded and also a slew of new tracks are included such as:
Jungle Juice: a bouncy ska/metal/surf groove thatll intoxicate while keeping your unpants on
Jellepsie: a neurotic hilarious tune that offers a taste of mathcore
Emerald Skies: smooth 5/4 chill tune for the ladies.... alllllright
Gnazz Philosophy: epic song astronomically featuring speed metal/loungejazz/gospel/hardcore
Lanturn: rocking rapping luminescence, if we had a single, lanturn would be the one
just a few off the 15 track future album SsmallCap Hunter

-Our eccentric mini-orchestra Fuzzicle is perfoming at North Beach in downers grove march 16. Tis an all-ages show. Just mention the word "Delaware" to any of our members and receive a prize ranging from a hug to a personal show! (it's a verbal coupon)

-It was reported about 2:30 PM yesterday that Julian was found flying over downtown naperville. The puzzle of his secret flying power has yet to show any clues.
Posted on 05 Mar 2008
New website now online!
The new Fuzzicle homepage has been updated! Stay tuned for updates relating to the new album currently being recorded, Ssmallcap Hunter.
Posted on 28 Dec 2007
If It's Fuzzicle, It's Feasible
Julian is able to fly. Local news stations have spotted the Fuzzicle bassist over the streets of Naperville and Lisle. If it's fuzzicle, it's feasible.
Posted on 28 Dec 2007